Most Luxurious Villa 1300sq.m in a plot of land 9.000 sq.m


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1336 sq/m
on a plot:
9000 sq/m
Ground Floor
€ 5,500,000

Property Description

In the Southern part of Mykonos, in two connected but typically independent plots of land of 9.000 sq.m total, we find all the buildings of the estate, in Pyrgi, which is the cape between two beautiful and popular bays, Paradise and Super Paradise, with an impressive morphology, and a spectacular panoramic fantastic view to the Aegean Sea and its islands, and very close to the sea.
The estate consists of one main villa of 450sq.m with a swimming pool 20X7sq.m, a second main villa of 410sq.m with a swimming pool 15X9sq.m, a four bdrs guesthouse 48sq.m, a stone built guesthouse 60sq.m, a professional cook house 60sq.m, personnel guesthouses 208sq.m, Chapel & guest quarters 100sq.m, heliport 30X26sq.m, amphitheatre with 10 rows of seats of 10m width, verandas with specially constructed pergolas 390sq.m. The actual living space of the estate is 1336sq.m
The formation of the buildings as well as the surrounding space provides privacy to the guests as well as the owners, by creating a sense of being in independent buildings and in a large house at the same time.
The architecture of the estate is modern Cycladic and all the building materials and the construction are top quality and of high technology.All the rooms are furnished with Italian and Spanish furniture of great aesthetics with sculptures and works of art.
The estate includes two independent main villas and smaller buildings surrounding them in perfect relation and harmony with each other and the natural environment.
The villa on the upper side of the estate consists of a large dining room, an office, and an independent sitting room. In the ground floor there is one room with its own shower, a WC, a kitchen and a room - dining room connected to the kitchen. In the first floor we find the master bedroom and one more room with its own bathroom. The main use area is 230 sq.metres while the rest is 173 sq.m.
The villa on the lower side of the estate consists of a living room - dining room-kitchen and 3 bedrooms with their own bathrooms and of course a WC on the ground floor. On the first floor we find the master bedroom with its own bathroom with a Jacuzzi and two more bedrooms with their own bathroom.
Under the veranda of the upper side villa with natural rocks as side walls, there is a private large suite-guesthouse (bedroom, sitting room) with a large two space bathroom.
The main use area is 200 sq.m. and the rest is 173 sq.m.
One of the most important characteristics of the estate is the pergola sitting room of the lower side villa which includes a barbeque, a bar, and a dining room, fully protected from the wind.
Furthermore, between the two villas there is a stone built independent house with a panoramic view to the sea, its own garden and two verandas with pergolas. The house consists of a bedroom -sitting room, bathroom, and walk-in closet.
In the entrance level and under the veranda of the main house there is a one level guesthouse, stone built, with sea view windows which consists of a bedroom with a connecting sitting room and a large bathroom.
There are two swimming pools one in the upper side villa and one in the lower side villa which is heated.
Opposite the main gate of the estate there are two small guesthouses - rooms for the personnel with bathrooms and one central food storage room.
The cook-house is an independent building, stone built and connected to the lower side villa and the main pergola by a group of pergolas made from chestnut wood.
There is also an independent 'toilet'. The cook house has professional and high technology equipment. In the basement, in safety range there is a gas tank of 2.000 lit capacity.
On the paved road towards the central square - heliport, we find a four bedroom-shower complex used as independent guest houses.
A traditional Cycladic small chapel of 28 sq.m. lies on the opposite corner of the estate.
The paved road is almost 1000 sq.m. while the central square -heliport area is 600 sq.m. The square between the two villas is 250 sq.m. It is significant to point out that there are 950 meters of stone-built walls surrounding the estate.
Finally there are landscape gardens with plants of great quality and quantity with automatic watering.
Other features of the estate are the exterior peripheral alarm, central heating and air-conditioning of all areas, fully automated generator to cover the whole estate and the air-conditioning. The whole estate is lighted by impressive lightening and more specifically the stone built seat rows which surround the large lower side square in the form of an Ancient Theatre.